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Page history last edited by Oscar Marquina 10 years, 3 months ago
Date Lesson Plan


Tues Jan. 19

Intro to the Lean Leaders Club


Ryan Jones

Wed Jan. 27


Intro to lean - Value and Waste


Oscar Marquina
  • Ch. 1 & 2  Lean Production Simplified

Tues Feb. 2


Simulation - 

  • Value and Waste
  • Metrics


Oscar Marquina

Wed Feb. 10

Standarization and Stability


Oscar Marquina

Wed Feb. 17


@ 3 P.M

Plant Tour: Juniper Systems


To RSVP email omarquina@gmail.com


Preston Chandler
Wed Feb. 24

Feb. 24 - Pull & Flow 

 - Why Pull and Flow

 - Why/ How kanban


Oscar Marquina
  • Ch. 7 The Gold Mine (Book)
Wed Mar. 3

Career Fair Networking


Wed Mar. 10

Pull, flow and Kaban



Oscar Marquina 


Wed Mar. 24

Value Stream Mapping 


Jacob Raymer

(Shingo Prize) 

Value Stream Mapping

 Optional reading:

  • Learning to see (book)

Thur Mar. 25



Plan Tour: Icon Health and Fitness

Jay Kirkham


Tues Mar. 30 Lean Implementation at ICON Health and Fitness

Jay Kirkham

V.P of Manufacturing

Wed Apr. 7

Problem Solving

  • Finding the Problem to Solve
  • Getting to the root cause  



  Getting to the Root Cause   
Tues April. 14 Lean in HealthCare

Mark Graban

(Lean Enterprise Institute)

Wed Apr. 21

Project Presentations


Students completing projects in local companies will present in their accomplishments.   
Tues Apr. 27

Officers Election and Closing Social


Mon May. 10 Bronze Review and Certification

Randy Cook

(Shingo Prize and SME) 









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